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Welcome to my page! My name is CaesarRulz and i’m currently a Art Student from Victoria , Australia!
On my page, I will post pictures of my own work , ranging from pencil sketches to prints made through traditional printing techniques. I will also post personal entries about my work practices, the occational review or ย just general thoughts and feelings.
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Linocut Artist Book #2 – Noir Themed Book – ” Sniper at the Ready”


Hey Guys!! ๐Ÿ˜€
Very recently i have been working on another artist book with linocut printing. This time im making my book around the theme of film Noir, the black and white, white collar, dingy atmosphere creates and era of mystery and very vintage/retro feel.

This print is my most favourite and most proudest linocut i’ve made. The print shows an assassin aiming down the scope of a rifle, ready to assassinate a target that was given the all clear to engage. In the narrative, it tells the story of an assassination being set up and conducted by a very mysterious woman. Ive left the imagery very open and unbiased to what/who is going to be killed. Either her lover is going to kill her or she is going to lover, if that makes sense. The whole notion of mystery is really intriguing and keeps the viewer thinking of what would/could happen in the narrative.



Hey Guys!! ๐Ÿ˜€
Here is another artwork from the war theme body of work. This work is of the first time my dad felt truly scared for his life and what encouraged him to continue his service in the armed forces.

Here is the story of this work: ” I was on leave from finishing some anti-narcotics operations in columbia, bloody hard work trekking through the hot bush lands of columbia. I was taking leave in New York City, staying with family in Brooklyn, place was filled with italians, great atmosphere. I was sitting with my squad mates on the roof top of a mate’s apartment building, looking at the Manhattan skyline from across the Hudson river. We were having a good laugh and a good time until one of my squad mates saw a plane flying low and close to the building. We all looked and thought nothing off it until it was getting closer to the World Trade Centre. The plane hit the northern tower, we all fucking jumped and looked at each other with the most disbelief. I remember staring at the smoke and fire pouring out of the right tower, feeling absolutely terrified and had the feeling of running to the towers. We all ran down the stair and ran across the Brooklyn bridge to get to Greenwich Street where the towers were. We weren’t ย allowed anywhere near the towers and we couldn’t say who we were or risk blowing our cover or breaching the secrecy of operative identity. The whole atmosphere was chaotic, people running away from the towers and people just watching the whole drama unfold. So much police and emergency service members everywhere, ushering us to leave. We asked if we could help with evacuation procedures but we were turned down. At that moment, one of my squad members rang our CO who informed us to leave the whole island, under the risk of being mistaken for being involved in the attack, due to massive CIA presence. We ran back to my mates apartment and went back onto the roof. I watch the whole thing unravel before my eyes, the feeling of terror and fear took over me. I was trembling with fear and never felt to vulnerable before, even as an operative, this was something completely different. The fact that i couldn’t fucking help those people is something i still feel guilty for today. This attack was the start of a new era of war, lets hope it doesn’t happen again.”

“My First Bullet Wound”


Hey Guys!! ๐Ÿ˜€
Here is another work from my war theme worked based on my dad’s war stories. These stories have been recorded and written down to be permanently shared with others and relieving my dad of one of his many burdens as a war veteran.

Here his the story of this work: ” It was probably back in the early-mid 90s when i was on my first operation as an operator, after completing 3 years of intense training. I was pretty fucking exited to finally get on the field and actually get stuck into proper combat. We were in a small village near Sonja in Croatia, Looking for a high-profile Serbian combatant that was leading covert operations within Croatia. While combing a small yard of a very large house, a shot rang out from the balcony of this house and i got hit by something on the hand, dropping my weapon and clutching my hand. Pulling my pistol out with my opposite had, We returned fire and searched the building, finding the body of a sniper who had shot me. I tended to my wound and i had received a clean shot through the palm of my hand. There was a huge, gaping hole in my hand that was squirting blood all other the fucking place. I could almost see through my hand the hole was that big. It was my first time being shot, and the experience wasn’t pleasant at all, but it was just looking at the blood gushing from my hand was the clear indication that not all of us special forces guys are fucking bullet proof.”

“Dead Man Walking”


For my other final artworks of my folio, i based my other works on the theme of War/Devastation of War. To communicate the notion of war, i decided to make some artworks of some of my dad’s war stories from when he served in the armed forces.

My dad, from the age of 22, has served in the armed forces of Australia, more specifically, the Special forces branch of the military, even more specific , the SAS. He has served in counter-terrorism operations in the Balkan region of Europe, has participated in joint American-Australian Black Operations in the Gulf War, has done peacekeeping in East Timor and most recently has completed 4 tours of Afghanistan, Taking part in the initial War on Terror campaign after 9/11, like Operation Enduring Freedom, Operation Iraqi Freedom and the Battle of Fallujah (Operation Phantom Fury).

This artwork is of one of his experiences from when he was on his first tour in Afghanistan back in 2001.
This is his story: ” My Squad and myself linked up with a American tank column that was going through a small village that was recently flattened by an airstrike. As we lead the column into the village, there was literally nothing left of this village, just piles of blown up huts and mud houses, bodies of men, women and children littered the ground. We swept the road for hostiles and cleared the road of all obstructing cars and large debris. As i walked past a blown up mud hut, a man stumbled out of the doorway onto the road. He caught us by surprise and we almost shot him dead if it wasn’t for his cries for help. He started walking across the road, ignoring our questions, until he just fell flat on his face. We stood there for a moment, not sure how to proceed with his encounter. We approached the man, body covered in blood and severely bruised, having to our surprise, the man had three large pieces of shrapnel stuck in his head, still squirting blood from his head. I just couldn’t believe that this man was still alive after having large pieces of metal stuck in his head. Amazing.”



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Here is the final poster i have printed for my final folio, and of course in keeping with my theme of “POWER TO THE PEOPLE!”. This silk screen print is a comment on the United Nations failure to properly address the mass waves of refugees coming from Syria and Africa. The many countries around Europe have closed their borders to asylum seekers, crammed them into temporary camps to house them. Most of these countries, such as the financially broke Greece, are unequipped and unprepared to deal with the mass influx of refugees. The United Nations have been passing blame onto different counties and, a little too late, have forced the acceptance of a few thousand asylum seekers to entire their countries.

Just for the hand itself, I used 4 different stencils to put together the hand, which i ended up painting the lighter into the hand. I hand drew the United Nations logo onto the hand because its so intricate and extremely difficult to turn into a stencil. For the newspaper with the ‘Syrian refugee crisis’ in it, i cut out an A4 sheet of newspaper and printed the words onto it using a normal Canon printer, then i got a lighter and burnt the edges of the newspaper.

Enjoy!! ๐Ÿ˜€



Hey Guys!! ๐Ÿ˜€
Heres another artwork for my final folio, again still in keeping with the theme of “ALL POWER TO THE PEOPLE!”. This small silkscreen print is another comment of Vladimir Putin’s current and ongoing invasion and illegal annexing of Ukraine. It plays on the word ‘Ukraine’, making it sound like its his country that his taking so instead of Ukraine, sounding like You-kraine, i changed to sound like his saying My-kraine. Get it?

This print was a simple one because got a paint roller and painted the Ukrainian flag and then printed a small bust of Putins face with the word ‘Mykraine’, still using the fontย Futura Std Condensed Extra Bold Oblique’, with tight kerning from Fairey’s OBEY. From a distance, it looks like got the Ukrainian flag and went full Banksy on the flag.

Enjoy!! ๐Ÿ˜€



Hey Guys!! ๐Ÿ˜€
Another silk screen poster i made for my folio, still in keeping with my theme of “ALL POWER TO THE PEOPLE!”. This poster is commenting on Americas economy, how they are over18 trillion dollars in debt and how they continue to spend huge amounts of money frivolously with an imminent implosion of their government and financial market.

For the background, i used the business/Financial section of the newspaper to make the financial aspect of the poster more obvious. To make the American pac man, i used 3 different stencils that had to be covered up every time i had to print each colour of the flag, at the risk of getting excess paint onto the newspaper.

Enjoy!!! ๐Ÿ˜€